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Update on MC/CC Competencies.

Who does this affect?

  • All machine controllers, crane controllers for on track plant and ontrack machine
  • Sponsors of currently competent machine controllers, cranecontrollers for on track plant and on trackmachine
  • Planners , administrators, and coordinators, planning training events and administrating the training assessment notification process for both on track plant and on track machine on Sentinel
  • All industry providers of trainers and assessors currently approvedto assess machine controllers, crane controllers for on track plant andon trackmachine
  • All responsible and line managers/sponsors of competentmachine controllers, crane controllers for on track plant and on trackmachine


Reason for communication/what is  changing?

Following a review of the implementation of the On Track Plant(OTP) competence framework and recent feedback from industry stakeholders,it has been identified that the competence for some machine controllerand crane controllers for on track plant and on track machines are due toexpire on the 25 September2015.


Investigations established that old National Competence ControlAgency (NCCA) Sentinel competence management system records cannot berelied upon to give a true and accurate reflection of initial training or expirydates.


Risk: Individuals’ competencies have exceeded the mandated validity(re- assessment)period.


As a result of these findings, Network Rail Head of Plant, Plant Competence Development Group (CDG), and Professional Development and Training (PD&T) have agreed a 12 month extension for those individuals whose competencies will expire on the 25 September 2015.


Network Rail has extended the 8 week maximum time restriction forre- assessment prior to competence expiry. The renewal assessment cannow be completed before the expiry date withoutrestriction.


Note: There are no changes to the competence framework ortraining material supporting the machine and crane controller competencies, andall other competency/assessment requirements remain unaffected bythis change.


All assessors shall be aware that the assessment materials are availableon the Training Toolkit for the re-assessment of machine controller andcrane controller competencies. This includes knowledge assessment,mandatory common question and site surveillance where applicable.


This is to re-emphasise that an Annual Capability Conversation (ACC)must take place every 12 months in order to manage duration of competence and provide assurance mechanisms between the period of initial training/assessment and competence renewal; primary sponsors can develop a form to manage the process and guidance will be made available on Safety Central.


This communication also ensures that we are in line with the Lifesaving Rule “Working Responsibly”.


When will this happen?

The 12 month extension for those individuals whose competenceswill expire on the 25 September 2015 will be effective from 11 September2015.


What action is required?

  • Individuals whose competencies expire on the 25 September 2015 will be required to go through re-assessment
  • Primary sponsors shall use a risk based approach using their own competence management systems to prioritise individual’s assessments.
  • Individuals whom have not been re-assessed the longest mustbe consideredfirst
  • As part of Network Rail assurance process, individual sponsors must demonstrate at a minimum the following percentage of re-assessment within this timeline below:


o Between 11 September 2015  and 10 December2015 -25%
o Between 11 December 2015 and 10 March2016 -50%
o Between 11 March 2016 and 10  June2016 -75%
o Between 11 June 2016 and 10 September2016 -100%


Note: Quarterly reports will be generated to monitor progress of each primary sponsor.


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