Near miss with advanced lookout near Surbiton


A three man track patrolling team consisting of a Network Rail COSS/patroller and contract site and advanced lookouts were conducting a track patrol.

The COSS proceeded to inspect the Up Fast line and observe the Up Slow, accompanied by the site lookout. As the COSS and site lookout continued the patrol the advanced lookout walked, as he had been instructed, in the wideway in-between the Up Slow and Up Fast lines.

The advanced lookout, who was approximately 200 yards ahead of the COSS and the site lookout reached the end of the wideway walking path and continued to walk straight ahead into a standard ten foot, which narrowed gradually into a six foot.

At this point the advanced lookout was not in a position of safety and was at risk of being struck by trains approaching on either the Up Fast or Up Slow.

A passenger train approached on the Up Fast and the advanced lookout moved his body toward the Up Slow line as it passed. He could not move into the Up Slow cess because he had observed another train approaching on the Up Slow line.

The trains passed narrowly either side of the advanced lookout, but not at the exact same time.

Near miss with advanced lookout near Surbiton

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