Track Induction – Grandfather Rights

Track Induction
Grandfather rights to be withdrawn
Change to Capability or Competence Arrangements | Training Solutions | Industry / PD&T – October 2014

Who does this affect?

All track side staff who are part of: Track maintenance Track renewal Track inspection

What is changing?

Grandfather rights for Track Induction are being withdrawn. You have up until 31 December 2014 to transition any of your staff who is entitled to Track Induction via Grandfather Rights.
Who Qualifies for Track Induction via Grandfather Rights?
Any individual who has held the Personal Track Safety (PTS) Competence continuously from prior to 09 June 2003, and who the sponsor deems experienced and competent enough

What action is required?

Sponsors must check whether or not their track side staff has held PTS prior to 09 June 2003 and continuously since this date. To ensure they meet the criteria of being awarded the Track Induction (TR00) competence under grandfather rights, staff must provide their CV for their work experience to be assessed by their Sponsor. Sponsors must visit the website to download the Track Induction (TR00) Performance report questionnaire from the Materials section under Support For You. This will help Sponsors determine the eligibility of an individual.
If the Sponsor is satisfied that the individual qualifies then they award the Track Induction Grandfather Rights Assessment (TIGRA) event in Sentinel to their staff that will automatically update the addition of the Track Induction (TR00) competence within 24hrs.

Where can I get further information?

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