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Personal Track Safety Initial – October 2015

  • Preparation before the exam
  • Trainers knowledge and enthusiasm
  • Practical session at Lichfield.


Personal Track Safety Recert – September 2015

  • Excellent Car Parking facilities and free
  • Slide show was good with great input by trainer.
  • Relaxed atmosphere and direct teaching style


Level Crossing Attendant – August 2015

  • Level Crossing practical session was superb, backed up all theory work.
  • Nice seating area in the sun.
  • Training rooms are excellent


COSS Initial – July 2015

  • Use of real life situations and incidents
  • Inclusion of all candidates (Group Discussions)
  • Coffee all day


Track Induction – June 2015

  • Trainer’s interaction with the candidates.
  • Warm welcome by office staff
  • New toilets are a let nicer.

Personal Track Safety Initial – April 2015

  • Rooms are comfortable and clean
  • Trainer was very knowledgeable
  • The track Visit

Personal Track Safety Initial – March 2015

  • Provided me with hi-vis clothing during the practical visit.
  • Free tea/coffee
  • The track Visit at Lichfield was amazing.

Personal Track Safety Initial – February 2015

  • Welcoming feel when I arrived and atmosphere very relaxed
  • Learning a completely new subject was made easy by the trainer
  • Trainers knowledge excellent

DCCR Initial – January 2015

  • Free Parking.
  • Relaxing atmosphere
  • Practical test.

Engineering Supervisor Initial – January 2015

  • Trainer was fun and full of knowledge
  • Method of training was conducted excellent
  • Good interaction

Points Operator Initial – December 2014

  • Made to feel relaxed when arrived.
  • Friendly relaxed atmosphere.
  • Teaching styles.

COSS Recert – November 2014

  • The trainers various methods of engaging with trainees.
  • Excellent Course, very enjoyable.
  • Interactive Presentation

COSS Initial – September 2014

  • Made to feel welcome when arrived at training centre
  • Kitchen/Toilet area nice and pleasant
  • Structure very helpful. I.E explaining in more depth any areas i’m not sure about

Personal Track Safety Initial – August 2014

  • Course developed in clear and accurate manner
  • Really enjoyed the practical, doing what we learnt and putting into action.
  • Excellent tutor good industry knowledge.

Level Crossing Attendant – July 2014

  • Very in depth Training
  • Great use of practical training at Walsall Centre
  • Length of the course was good.

DCCR Initial – June 2014

  • Excellent practical session on outside rail
  • Knowledge of training.
  • Very informative whilst keeping it light hearted.

Lookout Recert – May 2014

  • Group Discussions made training exciting and informative.
  • Good use of equipment.
  • An excellent atmosphere.

Personal Track Safety Recert – April 2014

  • Superb Training.
  • Parking was limited.
  • Nice bright, Clean rooms.

Personal Track Safety Recert – April 2014

  • Open Conversation and regular tests made it a lot easier to remember
  • Relaxed attutude to train whilst arising probing questions to ascertain the knowledge of the person being asssessed./li>
  • An excellent atmosphere provided for easy learning

DCCR – March 2014

  • Free Car parking and great training facilities
  • Good bunch of lads and learned so much without realising.
  • Site vist was most enjoyable. Enjoyed group interaction

Lookout – February 2013

  • The experience and knowledge that the trainer possessed.
  • Relaxed and comfortable felling in and around the classroom.
  • Free Tea and Coffee.

Lookout – January 2013

  • I enjoyed the experience of being able to learn what to do and not to do with in the railway.
  • Felt comfortable in classroom.
  • The people I was working with and the knowledge I have learned.

Personal Track Safety Re cert – December 2012

  • Best course I have been on, Best Trainer I have had.
  • Paul was an excellent tutor, good industry knowledge
  • Clear and concise course. Only Spent time on the issue raised by delegates which sped the course up.

Controller of Site Safety – November 2012

  • Tea/Coffee Facilities. Course delivered in clear and accurate manner. Good parking facilities.
  • The way S.Mckenna explained and help me understand COSS rules.
  • The best PTS/COSS course I have ever been on and would recommend to others.

Personal Track Safety Initial – November 2012

  • The method of teaching and class participation was great, Everything was good.
  • Course was enjoyable and I enjoyed the gang experience.
  • A good course with good lads and the tutor was good to; Considering he Supports spurs.

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