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Q. How do I get my Personal Track Safety (PTS) certificate?

A. Firstly you should have a sponsor; this is usually the company that you will be working for who pays you. You must have a sponsor to be able to join the rail industry. If you have not got a sponsor yet but still want to be trained then please contact a member of our staff to discuss the options.

Q. Must I be tested for drugs and alcohol and medical fitness?

A. Yes and this must be done before you attend a training session with us. You must bring your certificates with you or arrange for a good copy to be sent here. Obviously the results must be negative for drugs/alcohol.?

Q. Can my local Doctor/ G.P do my test?

A. No unfortunately your local doctor cannot do the medical and D&A test. As it is a mandatory requirement for the rail industry only railway approved medical centres are qualified to carry out the screening tests. There are many centres all over the U.K. You can find the complete list here… http://www.achilles.com/upload/Medical%20A%20D%20Suppliers%2022-08-2011.pdf

Q. How much is a medical and D&A (drugs and alcohol) test.

A. You will need to speak to the centres personally but they approximately cost on average £150.

Q. Can i do the Medical and D&A after the course?

A. No, you must have passed the tests and we need to see the certificates before you sit a course. It’s a mandatory requirement that we can see you are medically fit before we take you onto a railway line which is part of the training.

Q. How can I book onto a course?

A. You can register on a forthcoming training event by either calling 01283 792633, or by e-mailing info@amtrain.co.uk

Q. How often do you run PTS courses?

A. If you look at the ‘forthcoming training events’ link from our home page you will see that we run PTS initial and PTS re-certification courses most weeks.

Q. What is the duration of a PTS initial course?

A.  PTS initial course duration is only 2 days long. However if your job requires you to work on the railway line itself and affect the geometry as a track man, then you will probably need the additional training of Track Induction.

Q. What is Track Induction and how long is the course?

A. The Track Induction course is a ten day training event which includes the PTS if not already completed. It includes; company induction, First Aid, manual handling, fire safety awareness, track formation and drainage, construction and components, geometry, tools and equipment, maintenance , off track and vegetation, extremes of weather. Also there are lots of practical demonstrations and sessions included in this course at our practical training site. See ‘chasewater’ on our links page.

Q. Do I need to bring anything with me when I attend?

 If you do not already have a sentinel card with an up to date medical then bring  your medical  certificate. If you have had a new A&D screen please bring that as well.  We will need to see your current sentinel card if you have one.  If the course involves a practical session then provide personnel protective equipment including hat and boots.  If you are attending a re-cert course then any rule books and hand book modules that are relevant, and your completed log book.

Q. What is PPE?

A. Personnel protective equipment. Railway workers must wear Orange high visibility clothing including trousers and top. Safety boots (steel toe caps), and a hard hat which for new trainees should be coloured blue. For more experienced workers this can be white. Your sponsor should supply your PPE. We can supply it for initial training if you do not have any yet.

Q. Do Amtrain have food and drink facilities?

A. Yes but quite limited. There are tea and coffee facilities free of charge. Regarding food, we can put an order through to a local supplier and they will deliver your order to us during morning break, you can pay for your food when delivered. There is also a petrol station next door which stocks some hot and cold food and snacks. You can of course bring your own food with you.

Q. Is there parking facilities at Amtrain?

A. Yes there is ample parking space for everyone here. The building used to be a restaurant so there is a large car park.

Q. I don’t drive. How do I get to Amtrain?

A. The nearest train station is Lichfield Trent Valley. There are usually taxi’s parked by the station building and we are situated approx 4 miles away along the A38. If this is a problem for you then call us and we will do our best to help.

Q. I have learning difficulties. Will this be a problem?

A. No, this does not create a problem for us and you should not worry about it. At Amtrain all of our trainers are fully qualified and most of us have taught at schools and colleges with years of experience. Please tell us if you have a real anxiety about a reading and writing and we will endeavour to help you understand the theory with additional support.

Q. Will I be given anything on the course?

A. You will receive some training material on most courses for you to keep and take home. We try to cover every individual’s learning needs, so we use a variety of methods and media to ensure everybody can relax and absorb the information.

If you have any further questions then please contact one of our staff on 01283 792633.

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